Atlanta Alumnae Panhellenic Association

Twenty-two sororities and they all have to be happy at the same time.

WordPress installation with customized plugins for all functions

Custom theme with interactive calendar.  An agenda is displayed on the front page, a full calendar view on its own page, and a customizable widget that is deployed on external websites.

Password-controlled areas for members and extensive Google Drive document archive.

Fully responsive functions equally on all devices.

Social media integration with Facebook,  Twitter, and Instagram for the organization, plus all 22 of its member groups.

Complete Email marketing with MailChimp.  Mailing lists reach the general public, traditional media, and initiated members of represented organizations.

E-commerce for donations to the scholarship fund with automated “thank you” messages and donor listing display.  E-commerce is available for event ticketing and merchandise at leadership’s discretion.

Developed first online usage policy manual for the organization and instructed leadership in how to update a website and manage a collection of social outlets

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions