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SDOC is Results-Oriented

The technology to build and design your website has to sell your products or deliver your message. The latest bells and whistles are only as good as the results they get.  When information or a project is time-sensitive, it is built on-time and it works without bugs.  Period.

SDOC Means Teamwork

We thoroughly evaluate your business and your needs from every possible angle.  You are fully aware of the website development plan and the purpose of each feature. You are aware of the costs before the project starts without worrying about “surprises” later on.  SDOC respects our clients and we will tell you the truth about what your website needs, and what it doesn’t.  No one pays for any technology their enterprise doesn’t need or that their customers won’t use.  SDOC will work with you and your staff until you are entirely comfortable with how your website works and all of your questions are answered.

SDOC Means Fresh Ideas Every Time

With twenty years and a wide range of experience in various business fields, SDOC is used to thinking outside the box.  There is no “groupthink” at SDOC.    What’s more, experience gained in another business field may be just the tool that your website needs.  Your business and its website will stand out from its competition.

SDOC Builds Technology for People – Anywhere

We use computers, the name of the game is to bring people together to do business. Everything we do is about connecting with people to deliver your product or service.

SDOC also understands that people will be managing the technology we build.  We always make time to train personnel to maintain their websites if they are going to do their own editing.  Whatever it takes:  conference calls, webinars, user manuals or our personal favorite – in person meetings.  You will be confident managing your custom website.

Our Story

SDOC Founder Adrienne Duncan started her web design career in the major leagues.   Her first project was a website for a group within the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center of Houston, TX. Here she began audience research, search-engine optimization, site promotion and advertising.  Customizing text for consumption on the web.  Analysis of return on investment. All under the watchful eye of the US Food and Drug Administration.

The site was an overwhelming success.   Within six months patient referrals and donations to the research program both tripled. Ms Duncan was appointed to the institution’s Internet Advisory Committee, giving guidance to the then-new Internet Services department on content development and maintenance.

Two years later, in 2001, she founded SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions. The many and varied enterprises in her community could benefit from her big-company experience.

In 2004, SDOC Publishing relocated to the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody, GA. SDOC’s mission is still the same: to provide web design and development services typical of big business to all kinds of businesses and organizations on a variety of budgets. For fifteen years and counting SDOC Publishing has been serving businesses and communities in Metro Atlanta, across North America, and impacting the world.

SDOC owner, Adrienne Duncan, accepts the 2012 ACE Award from Dunwoody Chamber chair Don Boyken in recognition of her website development and design accomplishments.

SDOC owner, Adrienne Duncan, accepts the 2012 ACE Award from Dunwoody Chamber chair Don Boyken in recognition of her work for the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce.


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