Your website can capture customers in the moment as they purchase.

If you are ready for them.

How much does a professional website cost?


The short answer is: a website costs as much as you want it to do.

SDOC Publishing web design and development contracts are usually priced by the job, rather than by hours.

The complete answer is: Every web design project begins with a comprehensive private consultation. SDOC will team up with your business. You know what you’re selling and what you want to say. Then we determine what technology will best deliver your message, win customers, and make sales

All web design projects are priced individually: no two businesses are alike. No two websites – or their prices – are alike either. You won’t pay for any technology your website doesn’t need.

Technical Services

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems are not all created equally. WordPress is a useful one but it isn’t right for every website. They each have different advantages and drawbacks depending on what you want from them. Which CMS should you choose? Drupal? Joomla? ZenCart? Moodle? Others? Contact Us to talk about which CMS is right for your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Did you know that writing text for a website is nothing like writing text for a brochure or speech? Making sure your website gets to the top of search engine results and is enjoyable by human readers is a science. SDOC can help compose your text and use other techniques to rank your website as high as it can go on all major search engines.


What are you selling? The answer to that question will decide what is the best solution for your Ecommerce website. Not all ecommerce is the same: your website will need different solutions if you are selling shipable products, downloadable files, online memberships, or event reservations.

You also need to think about your online payment solution. PayPal and WorldPay are two of dozens of solutions worldwide. Your banking institution may have an online solution as well. Let SDOC help you navigate the options and get your store earning money soon!


If SDOC can build it, we can host it. SDOC provides the hosting abilities that meet your needs. Features can include webmail that integrates with MS Office, document management, cloud storage and more. Most importantly, your web host is intimately familiar with your website when it comes time for repairs or upgrades. Ask about hosting packages when you contact us.

Animation & Interactivity

“Flash” is dead. It was always awkward and expensive and difficult to update. Now, mobile devices don’t even display it. SDOC doesn’t waste time or money on technology going by the wayside. Animated features draw attention to your content. SDOC will tailor these solutions to your unique website needs, without going overboard and getting your site slow and cluttered.


Mobile device use is skyrocketing. Expect your website visitors to search for your website on a tablet or phone. Your website has to be easy to read and use on small smartphones and tables. SDOC website designs are responsive – they rearrange themselves for optimal readability on any size screen, from a smartphone to a giant flat-screen TV. Combined with other techniques each visitor will look forward to your website, no matter what device they use.

Webmaster Services

Let a professional manage your website.  You manage your business.

When you absolutely, positively, do NOT have time to manage your website, SDOC can help!

Whether it is complete management of all of your website, social media, email marketing, or more online assets, or just occasional assistance and guidance, SDOC Publishing is ready to be a member of your team.  All SDOC customers retain full control and ownership of their completed and launched projects.  We can help you keep your software up to date, your email running smoothly and handle any other updates you may need.  Webmaster Services are also individually priced.

Have a special requirement for your website? Please ask!

An hourly rate is available in unique circumstances. Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your special needs.

We accept credit cards via PayPal and Square for your convenience.